Spherical Ice Mold

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1. Before using the new tray, make sure to wash it thoroughly with soap and water.
2. Fill the bottom tray with desired choice of liquid (leave about 1 cm unfilled)
3. Then set the bottom tray on an even surface in a sink and press the lid tray down fitting into the bottom tray until it is sealed (Note: The excess water is allowed to overflow through the 4 vent holes at the top of each spherical mold)
4. Gently press the top of each mold to force out a little water to allow slight air gap at the top of each sphere for expansion purpose - This step is vital to avoid cracking of ice.
6. Lay flat in freezer for at least 5 hours.

1. Material:           Non-toxic silicone
2. Colors:              Black, White, Blue
3. Size: approx.     11.5*11.5*4.5cm/4.5*4.5*1.8"(L*W*H)