Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves

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Conventional Oven Mitts are no longer in trend with the debut of Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves! These pairs of silicone made gloves are at an advantage of withstanding way HIGHER TEMPERATURE, with better INSULATION and PROTECTION of your hand, EASY CLEANING, stain-free, WATERPROOF, better DURABILITY and longer lifespan! Best with oven, BBQ handling! Other uses our consumers have discovered include handling with pets that bite and open jars or bottle caps.

Measurement: As shown in the illustration.
Material: Food grade silicone.

Protect your entire hands and wrists with our Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves!

  • HEAT RESISTANT - Our Silicon Gloves have been rigorously tested to safely withstand intense heats of up to 425˚F.

  • COMPLETE HAND & WRIST PROTECTION - Maximum protection of your fingers, hands and wrists against intense heat from cooking, smoking, baking or BBQ'ing. Grab your cast iron griddle, crock pots, stone pots, roasting pans, hot covers and oven racks with no fear of getting burned. Great for holding tongs in hot situations. Beware of other shorter gloves sold by the competition!

  • ULTIMATE CONTROL - These are the best and most versatile gloves on the market, providing you with superior gripping confidence and waterproof qualities while offering a high level of heat resistance.

  • FOOD SAFE & BPA FREE - Your health is important to us. Our gloves are made from pure 100% food grade silicone making them safe to use with food so you can use these worry-free!

  • EXTREMELY EASY TO CLEAN - Just run these BBQ mitts under warm soapy water or put them straight into the dishwasher. Your Silicon Gloves will remain clean and stain proof for many years to come.